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Frequently Asked Questions


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What Are Office Hours?

At present we are open from Monday-Friday 8 AM – 5 PM. Our office is closed for lunch from 12 pm to 1 pm. We are also closed on weekends. We try to be flexible with appointments. Please call our office to see the available appointment date and times. We may be closed in observation of major holidays so please call our office to check if we are open on specific holidays.

How Do I Request An Appointment?

To request an appointment you may call our office during business hours for available appointment time. You may also request an appointment from our website Request Appointment button. If you are a ZocDoc user, you can use the Book Appointment button or use ZocDoc app to book your appointment with our practice. 

Do You Take My Insurance?

We accept all major commercial and government insurance including Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare Select. Please click here to see all the insurances currently accepted by the practice. You may call our office at (703) 436-9969 if you have further questions or concerns about your insurance and our payment policy. If you do not have insurance we can still see you.

What Types Of Conditions Can I See An Internal Medicine Physician For?

Internists do not treat specific areas of the body. Rather, they treat patients as a ‘whole’. There are no conditions too simple or complex that are outside the range of an internist’s care. They are equipped and trained to manage chronic disease, as well as treat sudden, acute illness. The internist understands both physical and mental health and can treat issues often managed by other specialists, such as reproductive, neurological, dermatological, ear, nose, and throat problems. Though patients are sometimes referred to other types of specialists, the internist serves as a ‘first line of defense’ when issues arise. If you have complex medical histories typically requiring frequent medical visits and needing more time with your physician you would benefit from the concierge.

What Age Group Patients Do You See?

Internal Medicine physicians typically see patients 18 and up, however we do see teenagers on a case by case basis – i.e. school/college physicals and general physicals and urgent care.

What Should I Bring To My Appointment?

We ask that you bring any recent relevant labs/diagnostic studies, paperwork from consultations, hospital discharge papers, medications bottle of all the medications you currently take to your appointment. This helps us to get a better understanding of your health history and ensure the best possible care.

What If I Need To Reschedule My Appointment?

We understand that you may need to reschedule your appointment. We ask that you give us a 24 hour advance notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Appointments are on a first come first serve basis. Our policy is to charge you $35 for no-show or cancellation within the 24 window of your appointment. We charge $65 for cancellation for Ultrasound and Doppler or ECHO within 48 hour from the appointment time. We do not charge you a cancellation fee if you call or leave a voicemail 48 hours or more from the appointment time.

What Is Your Fee Schedule If I Do Not Have Insurance?

Please refer to our transparent pricing for more information on the services and self pay. We welcome and see patients that do not have insurance. We concierge service w/ personalized care, unlimited accessibility and other benefits as we believe it to be the most cost effective solution for quality care you deserve. To learn more, click here

Do You Have After Hours Care?

Dr. Varma is available for urgent and emergency matters after hours. If it is an emergency we ask you to visit the nearest emergency center for appropriate care. For all non-urgent matters please call us during our normal business hours 8 AM -5 PM. You can leave us a voicemail or send the practice a text message for non-urgent matters. We encourage you to join the Concierge to have the best accessibly to the doctor after hours or weekends with direct cell phone access to the doctor.

What Services So You Offer At The Office?

For a detailed list of services provided at the office, please click here.

Do You Provide Immigration Physicals?

Yes, Dr. Varma is a designated civil Surgeon by the USCIS and we perform immigration physicals. The current fee for the immigration physicals is $450, which includes labs but does not include vaccinations or additional required follow up visits. 

Do You Manage Mental Health Conditions?

Yes, we do treat mental illnesses. If you have a prior diagnosis of mental health conditions, we ask you to complete a medical release form or provide us with your past records. If the management requires a psychiatrist, we will be happy to place a referral. We prefer to manage mental illness conservatively and with non-addictive medications, psychotherapy when possible.

Do You Prescribe Chronic Pain?

We prefer to manage these conditions conservatively and with non-addictive medications and physical therapy if possible. More importantly, we investigate and treat the cause to hopefully eradicate your pain.

We do not recommend or prescribe long term opioid medications (Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Tramadol, etc). Instead, we may refer you to a pain specialist for chronic pain management.

How Can I Request My Records?

You may request your records by asking our staff for a medical record request form. Please give us 1-2 business days to prepare the records.

Can My Records Be Released?

Your records can be released to the fax number/address of your choice after you sign a medical release form. These forms can be requested from our staff or accessed here.

What Precautions Is The Office Taking To Ensure Safety For Patients and Staff During COVID19 Pandemic?

We understand your concerns regarding infection control during the COVID19 pandemic. To ensure safety and standard precautions we practice and encourage social distancing, facial masks and sanitation while in the office. The office is regularly sanitized with industrial grade viral and antibacterial disinfectants. We take the temperature of the staff and office visitors and ask pre-screening questions related to COVID prior to appointments. Should you have fevers, chills, shortness of breath, fatigue or recent exposure to someone suspected of being infected with COVID-19, we would not be able to see you in office, but we offer Telehealth visit and offer COVID19 testing. For the safety and precautions of our staff and other patients, we do not see patients in office with signs/symptoms of COVID-19.

Concierge – FAQ’s

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What Is Concierge?

The Concierge model of healthcare is best described as a relationship between a patient and physician in which the patient pays an annual or semi-annual fee or retainer. In exchange patients receive highly personalized, comprehensive, and quality care with 24/7 access to their physician. To learn more about Concierge, click here.

How Much Does Concierge Fee Cost?

The cost of Concierge Fee depends on your age. Generally patients over 65 years of age have more complex medical problems and require a extended encounter time and have higher fees than those who are younger.

To view the pricing of the fee, click here

What Is Included In The Concierge?

Please refer to the patient agreement for Concierge for a complete list of covered services. The agreement can be accessed

To review the benefits and value of concierges, click here.

Do I Still Need Insurance As A Concierge Patient?

Although having health insurance is not a requirement to enroll in Concierge. However, for catastrophic events, hospitalizations or ER visits, we do recommend that you obtain a low premium, high deductible insurance plan to cover facility care (hospital, specialist, procedure care). Other exciting plans include health cost sharing plans in conjunction with Concierge.

Do I Need To Join A Concierge If I’m Healthy?

Absolutely. It is important for health maintenance that you establish a primary care doctor. If you are healthy it is recommended you get at the least yearly physical examination and blood work for health maintenance, identify important risk factors related to your family health, social habits and age appropriate health screening and counseling. Many important ailments and disease prevention can be achieved and important signs can be picked up with history and physical examination and supplemental blood work. Our goal is preventive care and keeping you healthy and out of the hospital and going to specialists.

By being in constant contact with your Concierge when you’re healthy, you’ll be able to stay that way. By the time you’re being treated for a chronic disease, it’s usually too late. But if you spend your healthy years under the watchful eye of a doctor that cares, you’ll be able to stay out of the hospital for years to come.

Do I Have To Pay Co-Pays Or Deductible Costs For My Appointment?

If you are insured, you may be required to continue to pay co-pays or deductibles as outlined in your individual insurance plan. Your Concierge retainer fee covers the costs of services directly performed in our office, but is not a replacement to insurance.

What If I Have An HMO Insurance Plan? How Does Concierge Membership Work For Me?

Same way it would in a traditional practice. HMO plans may require an in-network primary care doctor that you may need to maintain a relationship with one in case you need referral to a specialist. We can certainly help you find specialty care. 

Do You Accept Patients With No Insurance?

Absolutely. We offer a fee for service plans for non-members. Although we urge you to consider a membership plan to ensure you receive the complete benefits of the healthcare package and continuity of care. We offer highly subsidized cash prices for medication, labs, imaging and even specialty referral if necessary.

Can I Use My HSA/FSA For Concierge Fees?

Please check with your HSA/FSA provider to confirm whether your plan supports HSA and FSA funds to pay for Concierge retainer fees.

I Have Medicare? Can I Join The Concierge Plan?

Yes, we will continue to bill Medicare for covered services under the medicare contracted fee schedule. Your Concierge membership covers the accessibility of physician after hours and weekends. 

I Have Medicaid? Can I Join Concierge Plan?

There is great difficulty in arranging specialist care and ordering studies for Medicaid populations. However, Concierge may provide you with primary and preventive care and discounted labs and imaging. Referrals are limited due to Medicaid as many specialist do not accept Medicaid. Our provider will assist you in finding a specialist in the area.

I Am An Employer. Can I Buy Concierge For My Employees?

You can use the Concierge for your employees. We do recommend an insurance plan as Concierge does not replace services outside of our office. The cost of employees’ memberships, if paid by an employer, may be tax-deductible. We encourage you to consult with your account for details.

Can You Help With The Cost Of Lab/Testing/Imaging?

If you wish to pay directly for your labs/imaging, we offer significantly reduced pricing by coordinating with major labs and imaging facilities locally. You can also have the lab or imaging facility submit a bill to your insurance if you wish to do so. You can compare pricing and decide which one is best for you.

How About Medication Cost?

We can help you find lower cost cash options for medications by coordinating with local pharmacies and wholesalers. We help you find the appropriate medication at the most affordable price. You always have the option to use your current insurance to help cover your prescription at retail pharmacies or pay a low cash price with our wholesale drug prices negotiated for our members.

What If I Need Specialist Care?

If you do not have insurance, we will still help you find a specialist who will provide you care at a subsidized rate if you decide to pay cash. If you have insurance, you can use it for specialist care. We will discuss options with you and refer you to a specialist that best meets your individual needs.

How do I sign up?

We encourage you to meet with our physician one to one to discuss the membership details. To schedule a Free Consultation request an appointment or call our office today.

Will I be able to cancel memberships?

Yes. We do not lock you in term contracts. We would like to have an honest, open and respectful relationship with you. We believe in the value of the membership that you’re getting and are confident that you’ll want to continue to have this high value, healthcare relationship with our doctor. If you decide we are not the right fit for you, we will gladly allow you to terminate your membership by giving a 30-day notice. If you decide to rejoin, re-enrollment fees will be applied.

Can I Submit A Claim To My Insurance For My Concierge Fee?

Please check with your insurance plan directly if you can submit a claim for a service, however we do not expect that you’ll be reimbursed for Concierge fees.

How Many Patients Will The Practice Accept?

While most traditional practices carry a panel of 2500 to 3500. Our practice will be limited to 600 patients. This number is about 1/3 of the number of active patients in an average traditional practice. Low patient volume makes it possible for our doctor to give you time to deliver the highest quality care you deserve.

Do We Stock Vaccines?

We do stock a limited number of vaccines, however you are not obligated to utilize our vaccines. Many local pharmacies stock vaccines that can be obtained using your insurance. 

Other Questions?

Feel free to call our office at (703) 436-9969 or contact us for a brief complimentary consultation to learn about concierge medicine.

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