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Hospital Follow-Ups

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Hospital follow-ups are an important step in your recovery because they can help you avoid complications and encourage healing in the most effective way. At Washington Internal Medicine, esteemed internal medicine specialist Sohan R. Varma, MD, provides hospital follow-ups both in the Chantilly, Virginia, office and through virtual telehealth appointments. Book your appointment online link or call the office to schedule your follow-up.

Hospital Follow-Ups Q & A

What are hospital follow-ups?

Hospital follow-ups are appointments to check on your recovery after you leave the hospital. Most people have hospital follow-ups after surgery, but there are other reasons for hospital stays, including heart attacks, strokes, severe asthma attacks, or other medical crises. 

Just like your pre-op clearance before surgery, follow-up care focuses on your overall health and minimizing any problems associated with surgery.  

What do hospital follow-ups include?

At Washington Internal Medicine, hospital follow-ups involve a careful evaluation of your health with a particular focus on recovery from the condition that sent you to the hospital. They include:

  • A physical exam
  • Review of any new medications or medication changes
  • Review of release guidelines from the hospital
  • Bloodwork
  • Imaging (X-rays or other imaging) 

One of the main goals of a hospital follow-up is to keep you from making a return trip to the hospital. Therefore, a great deal of this appointment deals with preventive care strategies that can improve your health now and in the future. 

To this end, your provider may recommend some life changes, such as losing extra weight, improving your nutrition, exercising more often, or focusing on chronic disease management. 

You also need to know the red flags that could indicate difficulty healing or post-surgical complications, the symptoms to watch for as you recover, and when to reach out for help. 

Washington Internal Medicine offers care for acute illnesses, including complications after hospital release such as infections.

How soon should I have a hospital follow-up after leaving the hospital?

In general, you should schedule a hospital follow-up within 7-14 days of leaving the hospital. A follow-up within this time period significantly reduces your risk of hospital readmission. 

About half of people who return to the hospital within a month of their discharge didn’t have a hospital follow-up after their original hospital stay. 

You potentially could avoid another lengthy, costly, and inconvenient hospital stay by simply scheduling a hospital follow-up and working with Washington Internal Medicine to minimize the risk of complications. 

If you have a hospital stay for any reason, a pre-op clearance and a hospital follow-up can both be vitally important tools in maximizing your recovery. Book your hospital follow-up online or call Washington Internal Medicine to schedule your in-office or telehealth appointment today.