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Chronic Bowel Disease


Celiac/IBS Genonic Testing

CICA – Celiac, IBS, Crohn’s Array

Over 40% of patients present with GI disorders. Accurate diagnosis is complex because both genetic and immunologic pathways of the immune system are involved. The CICA evaluates genetic markers for celiac and Crohn’s disease along with serologic markers associated with active disease process for a more comprehensive analysis.

It analysis genetic predisposition, detects specific antibodies and measures potentially inflammatory cellular reactions all through one simple blood draw. 

Genetic markers evaluated by this array are HlA-Dq genotypes DQ2.5 and DQ8 associated with increased risk of celiac disease and mutations in the ATG16L1 and NOD2 genes associated with Crohn’s. Complementary serologic markers, Egg and IgA antibodies, that are associated with celiac DPG and tTg and Crohn’s ASCA are also tested and total IgA to very the specific disease markers. Increased levels of these antibodies are associated with active disease process associated with increased intestinal inflammation and permeability. 

To see a sample report of the Celiac, IBS Crohn’s Array (Genetic/Serological)

If you have gastrointestinal symptoms and autoimmune disorder that might suggest a problem with gluten, increased intestinal permeability which has bene linked to autoimmune disorders and other conditions, Crohn’s or celiac disease, IBS including diarrhea, bloating or cramping, chronic fatigue, low grade anemia, chronic mouth ulcers, malabsorption of nutritions and/or nutrient deficiency, unexplained symptoms such as unintentional weight loss or skin rash, optimum health efficiency and high performance you should ask your doctor about the CICA Genetic/Serological Array.

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