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Primary Care


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Primary Care Physician

Your body and mind needs care throughout life. Many ailments can be undiagnosed for years and cause serious damage to vital organs over time. It is important to routinely visit your doctor for wellness physicals, preventive care and acute or chronic disease management. Many medications can affect your liver, kidneys, alter your electrolytes, blood cell counts and require routine monitoring. Cancer screening is vital for certain cancers in both men and women and have been proven to lower mortality. Our goal is to identify any health risks you may have and prevent or delay illness from affecting your quality of life and daily function. Maintaining your health and wellness can seem like a complex and overwhelming task, that is why encourage every individual to have a Primary Care Physician, PCP. With years of training in primary care and hospital medicine in general internal medicine your PCP can counsel and guide you to a comprehensive health and wellness plan.

Reason To Have a Primary Care Physician, PCP

Everyone should have a Primary Care Physician, PCP. Your PCP will monitor your overall health and well-being during your entire life. It is important for you to have access to your physician when you are in need, a physician you can trust and a doctor who can communicate with you with up-to-date information in plain and simple language.

  • Your PCP is familiar with your medical history which helps with treatments and management of chronic conditions. Your PCP is much less expensive than receiving non-emergency care in an emergency room or urgent care setting.
  • Many ailments can be diagnosed and managed by a PCP who has a broader and general understanding of multiple organ systems and disease ailments. Your PCP manages and coordinates and consults with specialists to help guide patients to make critical informed decisions about their health.
  • Your PCP can recommend other medical specialists if necessary and plays a central role in coordinating a comprehensive care plan.
  • Your PCP can perform annual routine screenings and assess any changes that need to be addressed.

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