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The Concierge model of healthcare is best described as a relationship between a patient and physician in which the patient pays an annual or semi-annual fee or retainer. In exchange patients receive highly personalized, comprehensive, and quality care with 24/7 access to their physician. This means an extended time with doctor, often same-day or next day appointments and improved accessibility to your doctor. Without the constraint of time in the traditional fee for service model, your concierge doctor has more time to listen to your concerns, research latest literature on their medical conditions/treatments, formulate a working treatment plan and educate you and caregivers. This model ensures strong one-on-one relationship between a patient and their primary care. 

Patient who retain Concierge physician relationship benefit:

  • Longer Appointment Times
  • Same and Next-Day Appointments,
  • 24/7 Availability (after-hours and weekends)
  • Fewer Hospitalization
  • Utilize Urgent Care and Emergency Departments less often
  • Receive more Preventive Services and meaningful encounters.
  • Better Manage Chronic Conditions like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension
  • Lab work that’s done in-office for faster results
  • Patients are generally more satisfied with their doctor-patient relationship

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While most primary care providers have between 2500-3500 patients, we limit our practice patient to under 600 patients total. This approach eliminates unnecessary testing, ER and urgent care visits which saves you time and money and unnecessary referrals. This means your doctor spends more time with you when you need him. Your physician has more time to stay up-to-date with ever evolving, evidence based, guideline directed medical treatment. Plus, when he is not actively seeing a patient, he is able to help coordinate your care and research your treatments.

Price transparency that covers all office visits, telemedicine, phone calls, emails, text communications, minor in office procedures, and limited vaccines. The doctor can also negotiate wholesale discounts for medications, discounted labs and diagnostic tests.

The value is in the concierge membership, we encourage you to give it a try and you’ll quickly see for yourself the value in this model which is widely increasing across the United States! Concierge is, however, is by no means a replacement to a traditional health insurance. We strongly encourage you to retain insurance for services apart from our practice, hospitalizations, special procedures, specialists, imaging, special laboratory, pathology, etc, ER visits, maternity care.

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