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5 Advantages of Telehealth Visits

5 Advantages of Telehealth Visits

Telemedicine has become an increasingly attractive option for health care to many people, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to how many employers have switched to a remote work model for their employees, more people are starting to see the benefit of using telehealth for some of their appointments and follow-ups. 

From anywhere, you can log on and visit with board-certified internist Sohan Varma, MD, using high-definition video and audio on your phone, computer, or tablet. Here at Washington Internal Medicine in Chantilly, California, we offer remote doctor’s appointments to make your health care more thorough and accessible. 

Telehealth is included as part of your concierge membership at our office. Here are five benefits that might inspire you to utilize it:

1. Controlling the spread of infections

In many cases, your reason for needing to see a physician is something contagious. Many infections, such as COVID-19 and the flu, spread rapidly through water droplets in the air and on surfaces, and in shared spaces, you have a pretty high risk of transmitting such illnesses or encountering germs that could make you sick. 

While we keep our office quite sanitary, opting for a remote sick visit instead of attending an appointment in person may be the preferable option if you’re immunocompromised or suspect you have something contagious. Telemedicine eliminates the chances of you spreading or catching an illness during a doctor’s visit. 

2. No need to worry about transportation

Many people do not have reliable transportation. Whether you’re far away from the nearest bus stop, low on gas money, or in the process of repairing your vehicle, getting to a doctor’s appointment can pose a challenge under some circumstances.

When you decide on using telehealth for a necessary appointment, there is no need to worry about the time, cost, or potential inconveniences of transporting yourself to and from our office. You’ll save on gas money, avoid heavy traffic, and avoid putting unnecessary mileage on your car. 

3. Fewer missed appointments

Life often happens on a whim, and it’s possible for an obligation to come up out of nowhere. It’s also possible for health issues to arise at times that are particularly inconvenient for you, like around the time of a planned vacation.

Telehealth at Washington Internal Medicine makes it easy for you to log in and visit with your doctor no matter where you are. Whether you’re on vacation, can’t leave work, or have other responsibilities like caretaking, attending your appointments and follow-up visits using telehealth is easy and convenient. 

4. More accurate assessments

Even if you don’t notice it yourself, going to the doctor’s office might change how a particular illness presents. For example, you might feel anxiety about your visit, resulting in an elevated heart rate.

Using a video call for a telehealth appointment, your doctor sees you in your home environment where you’re most comfortable and at ease. This gives them an accurate reading of your general demeanor. They can also assess your home environment and how it might help or hurt your health. 

5. Lots of applications

While there are particular tests and treatments that you can only get in person, telehealth appointments reduce the overall number of visits you need to make to the doctor’s office. You can use telehealth for numerous purposes, including:

You can talk to Dr. Varma about how telemedicine might fit into your personal health care plan.

Ready to book?

With telehealth as an option, it’s easy to fit the health care services you need into your routine. Contact Washington Internal Medicine with a phone call or click to book an appointment today.

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