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Concierge Membership

We believe the true value of care for cost is in the membership model where you have unrestricted access, price transparency, benefits, true quality care in a direct doctor patient relationship without middle-men.

With traditional insurance the complexity across insurance plans and insurance contracts patients and physicians do not know upfront the cost of care or service. Despite eligibility and verifications often the final cost and patient liability is not known.

In the membership model patients and physicians can have price transparency, no deductible, hidden fees, unlimited visits for low monthly fees without copays. 

Our fees are simple and transparent. No hidden fees, surprise billing or complex invoicing. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying and exactly what you’re getting.

Concierge’s Pricing*

  • $150/month Annual Membership

Included in Membership

Extended Comprehensive Yearly Physical Exam
24/7 Accessibility to Physician
Communication via Phone, Text, and Email
In Office Phlebotomy and EKG
Simple In-Office Diagnostic Tests and Minor Procedures
Expedited Coordination with Specialist
Complementary Dental Exams and X-ray Bi-Annually
Discounted Pricing Labs, Imaging, Medications

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